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Carla Susana Flores Vildoso

Dance Movement Therapist - Therapist par la Danse et le Mouvement - Terapista a través de la danza y el movimiento.

I ♥️ dance and movement and I am looking forward to welcoming you in my individual and/ or group sessions to explore together new spaces of expresion and well-being.

The sessions are based on multifaceted creative arts approach combined with body movement therapies.

At the moment, I am completing my graduate studies in Dance and Movement Therapy (DMT) from the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) at the National Centre for Dance Therapy (Les Grands Ballets Canadiens) in Montreal. As well, I am continuing my profesionalisation by styding a master in health psychology in order to be able to promote and offer better health practices that it could help us to improve our life styles.

Here, I share with you an interiew that Les Grands Ballets did to me when I finished my qualifying trainning at the National Centre of Dance Therapy - Alternate Route Program during this summer 2021.

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Carla Susana
Flores Vildoso
DMT Alt-Route. Msc in Health Psychology (In progress)
Lieu de pratique
Montréal - Lima - Virtually by Zoom
Dance Therapy - Body Movement Awareness. - Somatic Experience - Certified Laban Movement Analyst - Physical theater - Corporeal mime - Yoga Teacher. - Dance & drawing -
Carla Susana Flores Vildoso

Carla Susana Flores Vildoso

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