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Clients are often drawn to dance therapy because they want to feel more at home in their bodies. They may want to explore ways of moving more effectively towards their goals, or they may want to understand the stories and heal the pain their bodies carry.

My approach is gentle, creative, collaborative and strength-based. I believe we each have the capacity to create positive change in our lives. I support my clients in their courageous work through kindness, empathy and an unwavering sense of hope.

I have facilitated dance therapy and dance wellness programs for children, adults, and seniors throughout Ottawa, including at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre School (CHEO), Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Centre and Abbotsford House. I also work individually with clients and currently offer dance therapy online.

I am supervised by a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (ADTA) and by a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO).

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R-DMT (ADTA) MHK (applied sport psychology); Graduate of National Centre for Dance Therapy, Professional Training Program in Contemporary Dance (STDT)
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Adult mental health and wellbeing, athlete and performer mental health and wellbeing, eating disorders, perfectionism, mood disorders
Lorraine Aston, MHK, R-DMT

Lorraine Aston, MHK, R-DMT

Dance Therapist, Ottawa, ON

Professional Member
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