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Graduate of the National Centre for Dance Therapy now practicing under supervision with children and youth on attunement and attachment, sensory processing disorders, and cognitive development.

Conducts graduate research in Dance Studies at York University looking at trauma-informed and consent-forward creation spaces for dancers.

Currently an endorsed practitioner with the Boston Children's Foundation engaging a music and movement program called Rainbowdance developed by Dicki Macy Johnson LMHC, BC-DMT.

Extremely interested in ecological attunement and integrating gifts from the natural world to aid with relief & regulation.

  • Qualifying DMT/P
    Training DMT/P's practicing under supervision.
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MA, R-DMT (qualifying)
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Toronto, Canada
Youth Attunement & Attachment, Sensory Processing Disorders, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Violence prevention & Resiliency
Mila Volpe MA, DMT/P (Qualifying)

Mila Volpe MA, DMT/P (Qualifying)

Qualifying DMT/P
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