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Dancing Dialogues: Community Conversation on Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility

We were so inspired by the depth of the conversations amongst members at our professional exchange weekend this year! We wanted to share a recap of what took place in each session, for those of you who might have missed it!

In the final part of our professional exchange day, participants came back together to engage in a community conversation around Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DIA). This was an important step for DMTAC/ATDMC and the development of the Canadian DMT community. The themes explored were somatic and embodied response to aspects of diversity and inclusion as a starting point. As practitioners many of us are trained to help support and move through the discomforts that are present in the bodies of our clients, so this was an important exercise to experience as practitioners. The conversations generated many questions and ideas, demonstrating a strong desire from the community for more engagement, learning and progress…(read more)

The event was generously facilitated by Justine Allen, Sandra Bach, Jessica Houghton and Tamara Nazon, all members of DMTAC’s/ATDMC newly formed Diversity, Community and Accessibility Committee.

Justine Allen provided a helpful way to hold awareness for the dialogue by offering time for participants to identify their individual somatic responses. This allowed the group to access embodied reflection from their home spaces. Tamara Nazon lead participants in creating word clouds in response to the overarching words: diversity, inclusion and accessibility. Despite the distance between us, our words appeared one by one on the screen, shifting, repositioning and creating word choreography. These exercises both lent a sense of togetherness and welcoming, making space for everyone to find a connection into the exchange in the right way for them.

Many participants shared their thoughts, feelings, personal experiences, hopes and concerns. The facilitators created an atmosphere that allowed people to share honestly about where they were at in relation to the topic of DIA, with the understanding that not everyone had the same experiences, but this discomfort was needed for personal and professional growth.

It was clear that more conversations were needed, and that there is an intention from DMTs across Canada to prioritize diversity and inclusion within their professional community. We hope to continue these conversations in future offerings.

In response to this important conversation and discussions explored in our Dancing Dialog event, the board has created a list of resources for continued education and involvement with topics related to DIA that are aligned with the values and growth of our community. Click here to read more.


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